Can't Backup Incredibles Bonus Materials

I backed up our Region 1 Fullscreen Incredibles and Bonus Disc set. Disc 1, the movie, was good; but when I tried to play the Bonus Disc backup I cannot scroll up and down on the menu selections.

I then copied the Bonus Disc to my hard drive and had the same problem.

I am using AnyDvD and CloneDVD2

I used the 2nd (Clone) option only eleminating unnecessary audio options.

Thanks for any help on this.

Didn’t have any trouble backing up my bonus disc Region 1.
Used the same options…Clone DVD and English only audio, using the newest versions of AnyDvd and CloneDvd2.

I backed up Disc 1 with no problems, Ill try the special features disc here in a few and see what happens… :iagree:


Can you move up and down the menu with the arrow keys on your DVD remote on the bonus disk?

Just finished, works fine 100% I can scroll through all of the menu items on the donus disc & everything works like it should.

Using Latest CloneDVD & AnyDVD

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

pbryt > Have you recently switched to different media? I assume this is the 1st problem you’ve had. Don’t have to ask you what brand and model of burner you have and media you use?

I use Ridata 4X DVD+R. I have used this for a while now with no problems. My drive is an NEC 2100AD. Again no changes. I thought it might be a setting or a preference I have set in AnyDvd or CloneDVD2 since I got the same result when I burned it to my hard drive. I have gone through both programs and haven’t been able to figure it out.

I tried out the original disc in my computer and stand alone DVD player and it works fine.


Yes. Everything works as it should.

I also had the same problem. I couldn’t scroll up and down the menu selection. Tried twice and still got the same results. then i tried with dvd decrypter and shrink and everything was fine. not sure what the problem was…

I’ve never used DVD Decrypter but I downloaded it and just selected the Decrypt to the hard drive option. It seemed to work ok. After it finished I tried playing it with Power DVD and got the same results as before. When the Menu starts the scroll bar runs to the top and disappears. I did not use DVD Shrink (also something I have never used), but would it have any effect on this.

I downloaded DVDShrink and just used the Full DVD Option on it with automatic compression to create a file to my HD. I than burned this file with CloneDVD2 and it seems to work fine. I did not use DVD Decrypter. I did not realize DVDShrink could rip a DVD.
So all is OK now.

Thanks for the input.

Yeah, we ran into that problem too. We can however press the number keys and it’ll load the appropriate selection (i.e. if we press the number 3 it will play the 3rd option on the menu).


I also had the same problem. I then ripped it on my Mac with Mactheripper and burned it with Toast and now it works fine.