Can't backup Hitch!

Is there anyone to tell me who can i backup de DVD movie HITCH with possible Sony ARccos protection and a lot more?
I try for diferents ways but with no success!
I use DVD decreypter for rip, but in that movie skip un VOB file…
For what i read, is one of the most difficult movies to backup.

Is true?

Thanks for anything!

Try dvdfabdecrypter or anydvd and clonedvd. With both you shouldn’t have any problems to backup hitch and other arccos protected discs.

You Must Use DVD Shrink and PgcEdit with PSL2 plugin for PgcEdit. I just give you some tips now you must search how to do it, no dificult. ARCCOS wont give you nomore trouble.

yes use dvdfab decrypter then load the files onto dvd shrink then using w/e burning program you usually use…Hitch should backup now

Thanks to all,
I will consider the tips you have post for the future.
As for now the problem is solved because I finally make a backup of Hitch using the Nero Recover 2 and apparently play just fine.

Thanks any way