Cant backup friend dvd's

I have some “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” DVD’s I got from China and would like to back them up. I do the analysis with DVD Shrink as normal and all goes well. I hit backup (making sure there is plenty of room) and it starts encrypting. However I always get an error about 3 mins through the proccess

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

Failed to read file “E:/”

Overlapped I/O operation is in progress

Please help!!!

Call me impatientbut I need help desperatly!!!

Sorry for triple post, But just tryed with DVD DEcrypter, and still no go.

Try downloading AnyDVD and running that in the background. That should remove any protection. Also try cleaning your disks.


Thanks!!! Am downloading. Will try. Tryed cleaning disks, Did not work.

Didn’t work :(:(:frowning:

Ok, try decrypting the DVD first.


I tryed-
Sorry for triple post, But just tryed with DVD DEcrypter, and still no go.

further up in the page

Will try again, and post eroor message i get from dvd decrypter

p.s. thanks for the help virus, apprecate it!!!

It just says I/O Read error with DVD Decrypter, Even with any DVD Running in backround :(, any more ideas?

Hmm not off the top of my head… Wait see what others say. Sorry


k, thanks anyways

  1. Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed test program to read this DVD. Maybe you do have some serious read error on this disc, maybe you need to wash the disc with toothpaste trick.

  2. Use drive speed program, like Nero DriveSpeed or another program, and limit the DVD drive speed to 2X and try ripping again.

I am guessing you already did many DVD backups on your system, and only this DVD is having problems.

Yup, I’ve done plenty. I think the disc is damaged. I will try your advice. Thanks.

If the disk looks scratched or damaged then polishing might help. If not, maybe try isobuster
It usally does a pretty good job with problamatic disks.

Yup, A couple of discs were damaged. Thanks guys.

They’re not damaged, they’re just badly pressed.

That’s what you get when you buy bootlegs, chump.