Can't backup CD because of copy protection



I have a CD that has “Will not play on PC/MAC” on the cover and I can’t back it up. Normally I use Easy CD-DA Extractor to rip my CD’s but it won’t take this one.

It’s able to do a search on and it finds the correct CD. I read somewhere that if I had AnyDVD running it should remove the copy protection but there’s no go.

What to do?


Have you activated Autorun on your CD/DVD device?. Turn it off because might have installed some antipiracy soft


Looks like the telltale signs of Key2Audio. But unfortunately it’s quite rare (well here anyway) so I havent been able to fiddle with it…but you could try Exact Audio Copy to do it.


Hi je79ayps,

Try ripping the files with Windows Media Player 9. I would advise not to use WMP10 as it is still in beta.

On AnyDVD, have you made sure that ‘Remove CD Digital Audio Protection’ has been checked under the tab ‘CD Digital Audio’?



NumberOne >> it’s turned off.

$CyBeRwIz$ >> thanks for the advice but doesn’t do it.

merther02 >> the problem is that the players don’t see the tracks. anydvd is set to “remove…”.

when I view the disc in EAC or other ripping programs I can see that there’s two data tracks. the cd drive merely just go berserk when the disc is inserted an spins up and down all the time.


Hmm does it cause any slowing of the pc? Like when it is reading the cd?


I can use the PC but it tends to lock up the program(s) that’s trying to read the drive. I’ve tried with two different drives now.


What drives have you tried it in?


It may be quite possible that you cannot back this up.
As Cyberwiz said it sounds like Key2Audio. I believe that the ability to back this up is very hardware specific.



I don’t know what the internal drive is but the other is LiteOn LDW-851SX.


Unfortunately I have never encountered this protection myself so I can not tell you what hardware works or not :frowning:

Anyone else around here know??


OK, it’s a bit strange because the CD isn’t really a “mainstream”. Thanks for your help anyway.


Is the CD published by Sony?


If you are REALLY keen on getting some decent mp3 files, you could try getting a personal cd player and using a lineout cord from your players headphone socket (or lineout port) going into your soundcard and recording it with software like #1 Sound recorder or Goldwave.


KitnaIsntHappy >> no, it’s from

merther02 >> yeah that might be the solution.

Thanks again!


Good luck on everything, just remember if the lineout port (on your cd player, if it has one) is to quiet just switch to headphones.

You may need to twist and turn the cable around a bit inside the player.


Is there a freeware sound recorder available?
I think the only way for me to go around the Sony Labelgate protection is to simply record my CDs onto my pc.


Unfortunatley with mether’s solution it won’t be a digital copy, but an analog copy.


If you have a way that will work for him that will get a digital copy, im all ears.


So where’s the solution?? :confused: