Can't back-up Warloards Battlecry 3

I’m having trouble backing-up Warloards Battlecry 3. ClonyXL is telling me it has Audio CD protection on it. I checked the copy protection list and someone posted that B.C.3. has Securom 5.03.02 protection. I’m using Alcohol 120% and I tried both, Audio CD & Securom settings, but I keep getting a message saying ( cannot be found please insert disc 0.
My hardware is: PIII @933Mhz, 512Mb ram, buslink 48X CD-RW burner. I also tried CD-RW & CD-R media with no luck. I did a search for BC3, but couldn’t find any info that would help my problem. Can anyone help me back-up B.C.3. 1:1?