Can't back up The Simpsons Movie

Wasted 5 discs trying to back The Simpsons Movie up on DVD Fab. I tried customize while only choosing the 1 hr 27 min. and one with the 1 hr 40 min. seperately, tried differrent settings with pathplayer on and off. Tried the whole movie and it stopped 87% in. Downloaded the new beta version with no luck. It would seem to copy and burn just fine everytime(except with the whole movie burn) but when i tried playing the copy I got nothing but unable to read disc. I,ve been using dvd fab for along time and haven’t really had problems until recently.

Sounds like a bad burn (or batch of disks). What media are you using? Is your firmware up to date? How fast are you burning. Is your DMA on? Is there a log of your burn that you can post?

The most reliable way to burn is using Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media - it is more expensive, but it works.

Oh, the main movie is the 1h 27m one.


Alright, I am not sure what alot of that stuff is, I am kind of noob at this stuff. Anyways, I fixed the problem. I just downloaded DVD Shrink and downloaded the movie to my harddrive with that then burned it using DVD Fab and it worked first time through, didn’t change any settings or anything. Not sure why it wouldn’t work copying with DVD Fab but DVD shrink was free download in case anyone else has similiar problem.

The OP was asking about DVDFab, not looking for a commercial. DVDFab backs up this movie just fine.

well if you backed op the movie in file first and then compressed to an iso image try burning with nero or decrypter then try to play mov i have had alot of problems with burning with vso engine my reason is probably another program on the computer does not agree i rip with hdfab then compress with fab plat and burn with decrypter or nero

I am having issues with DVDFab backing up The Simpsons movie as well. :frowning: Here is a copy of my log:
22:42:29: Analyzing of DVD started
22:43:19: Task_1 failed! Error=401
22:43:20: Process failed!

What version and model of DVDFab (HDDecrypter, Gold, Platinum) are you using, I made a perfect backup using Customize mode. You do need to select the shorter title (DVDFab will select the longer one by default).


Error=401 is DVD_Error_QualityUnreachable, which means the output size is too small so that DVDFab cannot compress it.

Have you changed the DVDR Size settings?

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I can’t even get it to load. First time I haven’t been able to use the program. The disk looks fine. :frowning:

[quote=collbn;2038862]I can’t even get it to load. First time I haven’t been able to use the program. The disk looks fine. :([/quote]Turn off PathPlayer. See my post above and select the shorter title–it is the full movie.

Thank you very much. :smiley: It loaded after I turned off pathplayer. It’s in process now. So, does choosing the shorter time cut out anything? It seems strange because I’ve backed up seemingly longer titles.

I use DVDFab because it’s so easy (most of the details I don’t understand, and don’t care to. :disagree:), and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem.

I’m just curious, is it the way they are putting the movie and extras on the disk? Or???

Thanks again! :bigsmile:

I can’t remember exactly what it turned out to be–some sort of structure protection in the longer title I think. If you’re really curious, you can use the forum advanced search tool and find the posts from the movie’s release. Glad it’s working now.