Cant back up The Grudge

I get an E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_07_3.VOB read error at 63%. I am using AnyDVD and Clone DVD I tryed and that didnt work either??? :rolleyes:

Just search the forums with the keyword “grudge”

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I did that but nothing helped.

Anyone anyone…

Try DVD Decrypter it will read or rip just about anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the original is defective which I believe may be the case here, not even Decrypter with all it’s retries will help. Return the disk and get a replacement.

I use a simple test to see if the disk is defective. After identifying the suspect file, I use Windows Explorer to attempt to copy that file only, to a temp directory. When Explorer comes up with the error message, in my experience I was never able to copy that particular disk, no matter what software I tried.

Used this last night on THe Grudge ,and it worked like a charm. Try it,and post back

I tryed both versons at this site: still The Grudge wont copy…?

Did you enable AnyDVD,then use DVD Shrink immediately after? What error did you get??
At first.I didn’t understand that AnyDVD removes the copy protection while the DVD is in your drive,and then makes it accessible to softwares like DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink,but after a few tries,the Grudge was no problem…

Defective disc. Replace it.

:eek: :iagree: I would have gotten that several post ago. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

I backed up this movie with shrink and encountered no problems, I would guess that the encryption is the same here in Canada as the States. Simply take it back and say it doesn’t work.

The new version of AnyDVD works fine with The Grudge Region 1. However, the previous versions do not. The first copy I made I used DVD43 to crack it. It’s a nice little driver and it’s free! Check it out at