Can't back up Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Australia version

I have an Australian version of this movie. Tried to back it up with Clone DVD v2.8.5.1 and AnyDVD v5.5.1.1. I keep getting an error message. Some sort of
Red…check or something and it just stop there. I also try to skip it but it wouldn’t. Has anyone has any luck backing up an Australian version?

You’re up to date on CloneDVD and AnyDVD. I think it’s a system or original disk problem.

Run CloneDVD again, copy or write down the exact error message and post back.

The rest of the world found Episode III an easy backup. Have you checked the atmospherics down under? :bigsmile:

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There’s nothing unusual about the Oz release of Star Wars III. It’s just an ordinary css encrypted dvd and can be copied successfully with any ripping/compressing/burning combination.

If you’re having problems then either you’ve got a bad disc or something is wrong with your system.

I have backed up the australian version no worries at all,(even using older version of clone and any dvd)i suggest it was a problem with your disc .