Cant Back up Saw3

Hey, are there anybody out there that can help me out with this Problem i’m having with Saw3, I’m using the 21day trial of AnyDVD,CloneDVD2 it’s the newest that they have out right now, I’m thinking about buying this Program but i just bought Saw3&Grudge2, and i was going too make me a back up of them and put my Originals DVDs up, but when i go too make my Copy of it, it says that it is trying too repair DVD Structure, which i now for a fact that they are not damage or nothing because, i bought Saw3 at walmart and Grudge 2 off of a Company on the internet. I went back and started too take some features out and titles, and those one that keep coming up that was saying it was trying too repair DVD Structure, and then finally got it too copy too my harddrive and started too copy on a blank DVD and it goes through the process fine and finish, But after i take the DVD out and go too play it in my DVD player, or my Computer all it does is show a blank screen and the movies is not on the DVD, Why is this Happening too me, I have done alot of my movies with this two programs and really Love AnyDVD,CloneDVD2 its the best out there, So guys if anybody could help me out Please!!!My Trial is getting ready too run out in 2 days, I was considering on buying these 2 Programs but if i can’t figure this little miss hape out i guess i will have too try another Program out , or do you guys prefer AnyDVD,CloneDVD2…Please help me!!!Thanks Alot…

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one of the support team from slysoft is still waithing for his copy of saw3 to arrive, but as soon as he gets it he’ll probably have a fix for it.

TBH, i’m not entierly sure why your burnt dvd came out blank, have you tried playing the movie that was on your HDD with powerdvd/windvd to see if it plays ok from the HDD.

also, this has been spoken about here quite a lot, you could try using the search function & search for saw3 in the anydvd + clonedvd forums.

have a long read in this thread, something in there might help you

searches for saw3

It is my understanding that RipIt4Me can do the grudge and saw3…