Can't Back-up Monster's Inc

I’ve tried backing up two different DVD’s of Monsters, Inc. and keep getting an error at reading around 56%. My error window says: “Creation of DBD file was not sucessful: unexpercted error. Please be sure that all input files are available and that they represent a properly mastered DVD. If you are confident that this error should not happen, please check for a newer version of CloneDVD2 at” etc…
I am running the 21 day trial version and updated AnyDVD to 4581. I am able to back up the 2nd Bonus Extras disc, just not the feature on disc 1.
Any help would gratefully be appreciated.

Try the main title with English Dolby sound.

Can you rip the entire movie to the hard drive using DVD Decrypter?

What is DVD Decrypter?

Another DVD authoring software.

Grab that software here:

I backed that one up with no probs when i was using clonedvd and Anydvd, just tried again with anydvd and latest clone, and it worked fine. :slight_smile:

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind