Can't back up Kill Bill Volume 1

The copy completes, but when I try to play it in any DVD player, it says disk with unsupported format.
Using DVD X Copy Platinum with AnyDVD I have d/l but have blue screen troubles with that update, so reverted back to
Using Windows XP.

Hi there, I had the same problem, so I went ahead and clone the whole movie with cloneDVD from in to an ISO image, now that software removes copy protection and that kind of stuff, so mounted the Iso image in virtual clone drive and used clonedvd2 to remove aditional features, languajes and that kind of crap, burned it to dvd and now I have a region free, crap free dvd, and my original one is safely putted away in my collection box.

I used dvdshrink and anydvd 4572 and had no problems during encoding, burning or playback of either Vol 1 or 2!