Cant back up Jedi Academy!

I have made a .ccd image with Alcohol 120%
I then made a BWA file using Blindwrite’s BWA Builder.

I used Twinpeak to patch the .ccd image and then burnt with CloneCD using the protected games profile.

Does it matter that my CD-RW only does almost correct EFM?

I can backup everything with it but not 1:1. I was hoping that using Alcohol 120% would change this.

Is it actually possible for me to backup a proteced game without having to us a no-CD crack?

Thats the best BWA I could get:

Australian version is safedisc 2.9 not securom protected.

You don’t need a bwa file but, in all probability, you will need a writer that does correct efm encoding.

Would you say that I have no hope making a 1:1 copy using Alcohol 120% with any copy protections?

When I say 1:1, I mean being able to play it without a no-CD crack.

Alcohol will back up all the common protections without a need for a CD crack, you just need a good writer

What about writers that do almost correct EFM?
A new writer is out of the question ATM.

>What about writers that do almost correct EFM?

Bypass EFM feature in Alcohol 120%, AWS feature in CloneCD and so on

If you do a little more searching and reading many of these questions have been answered so you can focus on the hard stuff :wink:

Now ask us something ‘hard’ :slight_smile:

Originally posted by FutureProof
Bypass EFM feature in Alcohol 120%, AWS feature in CloneCD and so on.

I have been using those options with no succes but I am fairly certain that my burner is 2 sheep (Almost correct EFM)

Are two sheep burners expected to be able to make 1:1 copies all the time using AWS and Bypass EFM?

If they are then that means I’m doing something wrong.

Your burner is a one or no-sheep burner, or rather it’s non-alcoholic, so the backup will need weak sector help.

I note that you don’t have a CD/DVD-ROM, yeah? Are you hiding the ATIP while playing?