Cant back up game

Hi all

Ive tried to back up my 2 games (tigerwoods 2005 and doom 3).
i use alcohol 120% to burn and the games install fine, but when i try 2 play them it says install disk 1 and displays can not locate the dvd-rom?
any help would b appreciated


You mean when you run the game or install it?
Doom 3 uses SafeDisc 3.2, which a fairly hard protection.

yep think so, il all new 2 backin up games but have 2 do so now as my son is walkin and into everything lol, ive even used daemnon tools to mount the image but still its sayin cant find dvd rom??

what drive(s) do you have?

i have artec cd-rw 48x, ide dvd rom, and pioneer 106 dvd rw, but it still wont work with daemon tools

hmm… and you are reading at 4x with alcohol 120% 1.9.2 on the safedisc 2/3 profile?

ben :slight_smile:

not sure mate im a novice but shudnt it work if i use daemin and mount it? this will rule out my burnin skills

if you have any chance of a copy try making a image and then mounting with deamon. most drives can make a image that will work from a virtual drive, very few can burn the image and result in a working copy :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile: