Can't Back Up DVD

I have a DVD that I can’t back up because it says it is Copy Protected, I have backed up many DVD’s and I cant do this one, I used DVD Shrink and Nero and they both say it cant burn because it is copy protected. How can I back it up?

I would be handy to know the name of this so called dvd.

DVD Decrypter end of story, end of problems and end of post. Now go do some back-ups. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Download Anydvd trial from and run it then use ShrinkDVD as usual.

I agree with Dominator2, ANYDVD is the only way to go. then use DVD Shrink to Shrink and save the movie in your hard drive, the last step is to burn with your burning software, I use Nero Ultra 6.

Yes, I encountered this problem before.
Can anyone help?

thanks in advanced!