Can't back up Cheaper by the Dozen



Well, after using DvdXcopy Platinum and not having much success recently in backing up my newer movies, I finally have purchased CopyDVD, and tried it with AnyDVD. My first try was Cheaper by the Dozen (Steve Martin). It went through the whole process of copying to the Hard Drive, and then writing to the blank DVD, but at about 80% complete, said “Bad Media”. I have made 3 coasters so far. I’ve tried a different company’s blank, but still no success.
I am using a Lite-on burner, and am running XP.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.



are you able to burn dvds with other programs correctly?


I used the CopyDVD and AnyDVD combination during the trial period and had no trouble backing up other movies. I can also use my DVDxCopy for older movies without trouble. It seems any Disney (BuenaVista) movie gives me a problem, although Cheaper by the Dozen is by 20th Century Fox.