Can't back up - all files are hidden

After each back up I get the red icon in the system tray that designates a failed back up. When I go into the back up log; all of the files say the back up failed, that they are hidden and not supported. When I go into the Seagate drive manager and click the test button, it reports that the drive is working properly, yet none of my files are backed up.

Does anyone know what is going on here. Seagate support is useless!

Thanks for your time

What program are you using?
Is the program running in the correct user account/with sufficient access rights to the files that you are backing up?

This is especially a concern if the task is running with the user logged off, or backing up files from a network map.

I am using the Seagate program software that came with the product. I am wondering if I should try uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. As far as the user accounts and access, I was hoping it would back up all of the accounts since my wife and I are the two that use this pc the most. It is just our home computer. I can’t see where the program gives the option of backing up multiple user accounts. I also wonder if I would be better off subscribing to an online product such as “Carbonite”. Your thoughts? Also, thanks for taking the time to reply.