Can't add more than 2 tv shows in a DVD using Encore



Hi, I’ve been trying to make a DVD of a tv show that all episodes are encoded with xvid using Encore, but it doesen’t support xvid. The thing is that I transcode the eps using canopus and when I added them to Encore I could add up to 5 eps of 42 minutes each.
But I tought that the quiality was bad and erased all the transcoded episodes, but the quality was good enought and when I try to transcode again I fogot the settings I choose in Canopus and Encore only allows me to add only 2 episodes.
Try several ways to transcode them but always the same, only 2 episodes and can’t remember what configuration I used to transcode them in the first place.
So the question is, how can add more than 2 45mins episodes to a dvd?
thanx… and sorry for my english not beeing so good.


Same here, Encore is a pro software and not cheap.

Please contact the author!


2 things,…
1, You are saying that I have a pirated copy of that software??? It’s not the case.
2, My question is about transcoding, not using Encore, I don’t want to know how to add a menu or lame things like that. Just how do I make five 45 min xvid fit on one DVD, where the encore software is not used for that.
But ok, if you don’t help people using pro software, I have the same problem using any other freeware tool, only 2 45min episodes.


[B]Please read my post.[/B]

Where did I say something like that?