Can't activate DVDFab on new computer after old computer crashed

I Purchased DVDFab Gold 3.x x 1

Never Expire

quite some time ago. My computer has crashed. I’m trying to activate DVDFab on my new computer and it tells me I must unactivate on the old computer first because I have a 1 computer license. I have no way of doing that. Can you unactivate for me so I can activate on the new computer? I have several versions including 10 & 11. I sent then to tech support via email and their form over a week ago with no reply. Do they have a phone number?

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Hey, this is Diane from DVDFab. Thanks for your support to DVDFab.
You can contact our service staff to help you:
Or click our official web for help:

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The version of Fab that you have DVD Fab Gold V3 is very old, I would go for V11 for sure, just a thought. Yes you have to unauthorize V3 to install V11 I believe and then reauthorize it in V11.But have no fear their support staff will help you.

I no longer have Gold V3. I have upgraded over the years and I currently have V10 & V11. Gold V3 gave me lifetime upgrades so my license never expires but it is for 1 computer. So V10 & V11 assigned to my old computer has to be un-activated before I can activate on my new computer and since the old computer crashed I have no way of un-activating. I contacted support via email and there contact form several days ago but gent no response from them. That’s why I’m looking for a phone number. Thanks for the reply alan.

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They are in Beijing China. You cant call them but Diane from Fab has posted and if she can find your original order and account she will activate it again.

Hi Diane,
I emailed “service” Thursday night and have not heard back from them. And Live chat was not available anytime Friday.

Hi e-mail to this address and you will get an answer.

That is the address I emailed to 3 days ago.

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I will double check with them.

Thanks, I would appreciate that.

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Alan they responded to me at 5:30am this morning and I overlooked it. Thanks

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Anytime, I knew they would

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All is working now. Thanks everyone for the help.


glad to hear that you get your problem solved eventually. Congrats!