Can't access some media

Placed new CD R/W media in my PX-716sa. Double click drive icon and get error ‘E:\is not accessible. Incorrect function’. Sometimes I get the same result with some blank DVD media.

When you place a new media in the drive the drive will need some time to recognise it. The drive will report itself ‘ready’ to the system only when it has finished recognising the media. If you try to access the drive/media before the ‘ready’ report you’ll get an error.

After a time delay the disc could not be accessed. Right-clicked on optical drive icon and chose properites. Get - used space 0 bytes, free space 0 bytes, capacity 0 bytes. Same results on my Plextor and LinteOn R/W drives. It seems that the CD R/W disc cannot be recognized and is therefore bad. Other discs can be accessed.