Can't access INTERNET database with Nero

Dear Nero support,

I can’t connect to the INTERNET database, during “save Tracks” with Nero . However, I could connect to the INTERNET database with Nero successfully. I have 3 boxes, on the “use INTERNET audio CD database” tab, which is in “options”, “database”.The boxes are - “read server (HTTP):” , “port” and “your e-mail address” . With Nero I used “/~cddb/cddb.cgi” in the read server box, 80 in the port box and my e-mail address in that block.And I had a good connection to the database server. However, after updating to Nero, I had no connection with those settings or any other settings I tried. Also, with the older Nero 7 version, I had a"Nero is reading server box" appear when I clicked on access “INTERNET database”. But that box does not appear with Nero 7’s latest version. and the problem occurs with my firewall off or on.
Your feedback on how I can correct this problem , with Nero 's INTERNET database connection will be appreciated. Also, I uninstalled/reinstalled Nero 7, so much, in trying to correct this problem, that I corrupted some of my .dll files and had to go to a Microsoft website to find how to fix my computer.
So I’m counting on your help with this issue !
The above is a support form ( another one) I just submitted to the Nero support team. If anyone else is having the same problem, than please submit it too Nero support so this matter can be fixed!

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After contacting Nero support again, they told me to update to the latests version ( ) and try the INTERNET data-base again. After updating, and re-setting the data-base options tab to the default setting, I was able to successfully connect to the INTERNET data-base.
With the prior version of Nero, I couldn’t connect with the default settings, or any other settings such as : /~cddb/cddb.cgi or . So it looks like there was a bug in the prior Nero versions that was worked out in the latests version : .
Also I want to say I made two separate posts on this topic, and I’m sorry about violating the forum’s rule against two posts on one topic. I was very upset when I made those two posts.

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