Cant access dvd writer (liteon 16x)

hi everyone… i am using liteon 16x… the problem is i cant access anymore the drive where my dvd rom is located… and when i look at the device manager, it already has a wierd name --> LQTE-WN0 DFDBW SGHG 16!3C which is not what its name used to be when my dvd-rom is still working… would reinstalling it solve the problem? if yes, how can i do it? and if no, what should i do? please help… i know this is just a simple question for the gurus out there… thanks in advance…

What changes, if any, have you done recently? For example, did you flash the drive, or switch the drive out with another drive?

i think i temporary remove the IDE cable and use it on another hard disk since i copy some files and when i connect it again to the dvd rom. it wont work already… please help… tnx

Do you have the LiteOn connected as master or slave on the IDE cable, and is the drive jumpered for master or slave?

hi sorry for the late reply… i put it in the secondary IDE… and it is connected as master. i’ve also checked its jumper and it has the right settings… please help…

how can i reinstall my dvd-writer? i tried going to the device manager - IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers but i dont know how to uninstall the IDE secondary channel since all i can find is NVIDIA nForce3 250 Parallel ATA Controller(v2.6) and NVIDIA nForce3 250 Serial ATA Controller(v2.6)… please help

You can either physically uninstall the DVD writer, start Windows over, then physically reinstall it; or [if your hard drive(s) are SATA] uninstall the Parallel ATA controller. You could also just uninstall the drive from its own entry in device manager, and leave the controllers in place.


Bad IDE cable. Replace it by a new one, preferably an 80wired 18" (46cm) flat ribbon cable.


I agree with this. :iagree: That’s what I initially wanted to suggest, but didn’t want to spit out something without having a second opinion from a more experienced member. :o


hehe, there was no need to wait :wink: A garbled drive name is a clear sign for a severe connection issue, mostly due to a bad cable. I had the same issue with my Benq drive (and a “self-rounded” cable).
Also, the IDE connectors on the drive and the mainboard should be inspected thoroughly if any pins are bent or even broken.