Can't access data on cd burned with Nero

Hope someone can help. I burned data to a cd and checked it out before reformatting the hard drive. At that time, I could actually see the data through explorer. Now I cannot see the data. The session is showing open and will not close. It also states something about a fixation error and states the cd is copywrited (which is strange since it is data I burned.

I am old world computer savy and am out of my element here.

I have the log file but it is text and will not attach.

I need to get the data files onto the newly formatted hard drive.

Can the cd be read on another machine?

No, I have tried three different machines. I read something that made me think it was the fact that I have XP and it was burned with ME, but I tried it with 98 and still no help. The data belongs to my sister and I was trying to help her out. She had a virus and the other cd’s took several tries to close the sessions, but they could be read on the new format. This is the only one and of course it is the most critical data. I know nothing about Nero or cd burning if you can’t do the drag and drop thing and wish I had kept my hands out of it. My skill is in DOS and older programs. I am 45 and haven’t kept up with the latest. The session is showing so I know the data is there, just can’t get to it to copy it to the hard drive or another cd.

I’m old school myself…cut my teeth on dos. 35yrs old, old fart by this places standards…:slight_smile:

Anywho, the os is something I don’t really suspect. I would be curious to know however if the machine in which you formatted the drive has nero installed on it. Perhaps through a clean install of nero, you can access the data disc and close the session …:slight_smile:

I’ve tried that three times with Nero Ultimate and on two different machines. No go. I also tried to close the session again and close the disk and that didn’t work. I also tried to copy a small file to see if another session would close it and that didn’t work. I haven’t tried the sharpie along the edge yet, but I am about to. I am just afraid somehow that will really screw it up.

This was originally burned with Nero Express but my sister can’t find the disk yet to see what version that was. Thanks for any help.

This may soundlike a dumb idea, but shince it was burned on an ME machine, do you have a boot disk with cd-rom support? 98 or me, see if you can see it in dos mode.

granted if this works and you do copy . to a dump directory on the new host drive, you’ll loose all the joliet names, they’ll be replaced with names like wh~1.doc as opposed to whatever1.doc, but atleast the data will be there

Just an idea…:slight_smile:

this ia also a long shot…but you had mentioned that it comes up as a copy protected disk. there is a trick out there, I think it’s hold control and shift key down when you first insert the disc…this bypasses some kinds of disc protections and lets th disc be read openly…just an idea

You are the bomb - the best - the top of the heap in gurus.

I cannot thank you enough. Where do I send the check?

Just glad I could helped…:slight_smile:

Which worked, just for curiosity sake? others here may have the same problem and learn from our posts…

Besides…I’m a Michigander too…we gotta stick together…:slight_smile:

The shift ctl allowed me to see the data and apparently there are problems with the cd cause I have to copy individual files - some can’t be read.

It is time consuming but so worth it not to lose all the data. There was 245 MB of data and so far I have copied 75 MB. I think I got all the important data and just lost a few downloads.:smiley: :smiley:

I’ll have to remember that, only used a couple of times and then only for audio CD’s…it just stuck in my head some reason…:slight_smile:

Anywho, I think we can agree the disc is just this side of a coaster, hope you can get what you need off it.

Take care hoss, glad it worked for ya…:slight_smile:

For this type of problem you may find that isobuster helps. I’ve used it in the past to recover files from a scratched CD. It’s free, is very easy to use and comes with a detailed help file.

Here’s the website:

Thanks for the link Andrew,…:slight_smile:

Looked at the page and will consider it myself, even though it’s not “really” freeware. That said I have no problem with talented programmers actually making a lil money for their efforts either if the product works…:slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know about Isobuster! I had the same problem (thanks for nothing Nero) so I downloaded the free version of Isobuster and recovered almost all of my files, which is much better than thinking I had lost them all forever.