Can't access BIOS



I’ve got a problem with my Windows XP SP3. Recently, i did a BIOS update. The motherboard is D945GCNL. Why did I update BIOS? Well, I couldn’t change boot order in BIOS menu, so I thought updating would help. But it didn’t. So I once again ran an update, backwards, to my original version. That was two weeks ago. Now when I tried to enter BIOS, I can’t. Pressing F2 has no effect. It just boots normally. Also, the ‘welcome’ screen stays on screen for a while longer than it used to.
Apart from these, the computer works perfectly well. There are no problems, and it is quite fast. But what about the problems I mentioned? How can I solve it? Thanks for any suggestions.



power up your computer and keep a key (doesn’t matter which one) pressed. Normally I’d expect an error message along with “Press (key) to enter setup”.

If that fails, then you might consider resetting the CMOS. See your motherboard manual for details.

Other things to consider:

  1. Have you tried the “del” key to enter bios setup?
  2. Your keyboard - is this connected via USB or PS2?
    If “USB legacy” is not enabled, then USB keyboards often won’t work until the OS has been loaded.



To exapand a little on what mciahel said…
Holding a KeyDown constantly SHOULD set a Keyboard error and generate a prompt to enter bios/setup.

If that fails disconnect the Hard drive(s) (yes, all of them) and attempt to start, that’ll generate a prompt for “boot device not found enter setup or Retry”

The Prompts to enter setup can be turned off on most computers.OR are turned off by default if “Fast boot” is “enabled” I suspect when you finally get into setup you’ll want to turn the prompts back on.



Pressing F2 a little early solved the problem. I can enter BIOS. So everything seems to be OK. But there is still this ‘welcome’ screen that hangs for quite a few sonds longer than ot used to. Sometimes it takes about 20 seconds. Now I discovered something: it has something to do with the theme I am using. I disabled this service, and it booted in no time. Apply a theme other than classic windows, and it is slow again. What to be done?


Check the Event Log if something goes wrong.