Can'r Read DVD-R using 4167B




I just want to report the fact that my new 4167B
cannot read a pre-burned DVD-R format (pre-burned
DVD+R reads without problems).

My system is Linux, and the following message appears
in the log when I attempt to mount a DVD-R disk (the
4167B is /dev/hde):

Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
attempt to access beyond end of device
hde: rw=0, want=68, limit=4
isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=hde, iso_blknum=16, block=16

Not being familiar with the driver mechanism, I really
don’t know what this means, but if any others can
decipher this message then please share your insight.

So far I’ve noticed noticed no other read/write problems
with this drive. I’ve also tried the capacitor trick across
the +5V rail – as mentioned in a previous thread --but it
does not alleviate the problem.

Could this be a firmware issue? I will also submit this
report directly to LG Electronics.

Andrew Kalten


What brand were those DVD-R discs that could not be read?


The brand is Imation DVD-R.

Imation also makes the DVD+R that can be read.

I’ve tried reading the DVD-R under MS Windows 2000
and experienced the same problem with the 4167B.
But Linux gives a clear error message while MS Windows
does not.

Originally the disks were burned with a Plextor 712.
I acquired the LG 4167B mainly for its DVD-RAM

Andrew Kalten


Can you download DVD Identifier, and pop one each of those Imation - and +Rs in your PC?

Maybe they were made by different manufacturers, and the LG isn’t too fond of one of them…



DVD Identify shows the following:


Ritek Corp.


Ricoh Co.

The disks are made by different manufcturers.

In the future I’ll just avoid Imation, but the firmware
should be modified to accomodate these different
brands. Right now I have D13.

Andrew Kalten


See if this affects only those Imation DVD-R discs. It may simply be that your LG writer won’t read those Ritek discs. If you have any other DVD-R discs burned on your Plextor, try those instead. Firmware updates seldom address reading issues. Normally they deal with write issues instead.