Canopus ADVC 110 Less Picky than ADS Tech Pyro AV Link

Recently, I have been tried to capture tapes without very much success. It freezes during capturing.

I have tried capturing from a DVD player and satellite TV and that worked. The tapes are in good condition ranging from 10-12 years old. I have tried on three VCRs, a Sharp, an Emerson, and a Panasonic PV-S7670.

I was using a Pinnacle 500 USB, but that did not meet my needs so I got the ADS Tech Pyro AV Link, which is the one that I am using to convert the tapes to digital currently.
Unfortuantely, since it was not capturing them right I tried using the Pinnacle 500 USB. I would stick with this except for three reasons.

  1. It sometimes drops frames.
  2. It does not capture DV AVIs in Windows XP Movie Maker.
  3. It is a USB capture device so it is not compatible with my Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 workflow.

Pleae help me. Thank you in advance for you advice.

There isn’t nearly enough information here to give a proper answer! Are you saying that your captures are freezing with the canopus advc???
What are your system specs? Did you follow the procedures outlined by ADS stating that you need to have your software on one HD, and capture to a seperate HD? Have you tried capturing in safe mode? Is the ADS unit connected via FireWire?

Sorry I was unclear.
I currently have the ADS Tech Pyro AV Link, but am returining it fo a refund. So I am if I should get another ADS Tech Pyro AV Link, or if I will have to get a Canopus ADVC model.
I will try to get my system specs in my signature but here are rest of the answers to your questions. Yes, I followed the procedures outlined by ADS. I have two 500 GB hard drives, one for the operating system and another for capture. No, I have not tried captured in safe mode, but it captures fine with satellite TV and from a DVD player so I figured that it did noy have something to do with my computer. Yes, the ADS Tech unit is connected via Firewire.

Here are my specs.

I can’t be certain, but it seems to me, that quite a few people reported problems in the past with Athlon systems, due to some drivers… You might try doing a search using ATHLON and CAPTURE and see what you find.

I can’t see why you should have any hardware issues with the newer type ADS units. I have not seen any complaints concerning them. The Canopus units are nearly the same as far as performance…