Canon videocam



I need help!
Could someone tell me if I can recover my dvd-rw disc?
I took out the disc after finalize to put in my laptop dvd slot.
I could not read and when I put back in my viewcam, it stated disc error! Does this mean my recording are all gone?



You can try a recovery program for optical disks. ISOBuster is a good one, and there is a free version that may or may not have the necessary features you’ll need. You’ll just have to try it and see.

Click on one of the download links at this link I’m providing, not the Buy Now button: I believe only the paid version works for dvd video though, so I’m not sure the free one will work for you.

When you put it in the computer drive, can you see the contents of the disk by right clicking the drive icon in My Computer and hitting Explore?
If so, you might be able to simply copy the contents of the disk to the hard drive. Copy and paste. You could also try making an ISO file of the entire disk using ImgBurn.