Canon S-200 printer that has no power

I have two Canon S-200 printers. One is a backup that I am using presently. The one I had been using suddenly stopped working. There is no power to it. The ink cartridges don’t move when the cover is opened and nothing happens when I press and hold the one button it has. Checked the manual, and having been involved with computers since 1981, I feel pretty competent that no power is getting through. I unscrewed the AC power box attached the bottom, but it is rivited shut, and I didn’t wish to go any further without getting some advice. I was hoping there might be a fuse that needs replacement.
If yoiu have any insights into this situation, your opinion and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Your power supply may have just died. Since it is riveted shut, it also sounds like this unit isn’t meant to be serviced, but only replaced.

Thank you!