Canon printer w\Surething



In USA and have enabled the cd print function for my Canon ip4500.

I have it set to “printable disc” and “disc tray” in the printing preferences.

The problem I am having is that I use Verbatim hub printable media which to my understanding the CD Labelprint software will not print to the full outer edge (which is 119mm).

So I downloaded Surething (Ver. 5) software which has a Canon cd printer template but when I go to print or print preview a warning comes up that says “there are no compatible devices to this template - would you like to print on plain paper?”

So I guess it is not picking up my Canon printer?

Also how do you adjust the inner & outer settings with Surething? I do not see anything under page setup that says “119mm” etc.


Did you uninstall and re-install the Canon driver AFTER making the printer mod? You can download Canon CD-LabelPrint from the UK site and use that for testing, but it’s true that 118mm will be the limit. Of course, you’re talking about 1/2mm at the edge of the disc.


Thanks for the reply. The printer was new so I installed the driver after making the mod. It works fine with the LabelPrint software but as you said it leaves a white ring around the edge of a Verbatim DVD.

I found I was able to print using the SureThing software by just clicking “yes” to print on plain paper (but it uses the CD tray instead) - the problem was that the option to calibrate printer was grayed out.

I have since uninstalled SureThing and was up and running in minutes using the Acoustica label program which had no problem with finding my printer, plus it was easy to adjust the inner and outer diameter using the standard “mm” format.