Canon Pixma iP4500, any thoughts?

I’m thinking of getting a new printer to allow me to use printable discs, with a view to getting some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim printables DVDs, and some nice looking Prodisc printable-top-black-substrate CDs that I saw on SVP.

This is the printer:

Does anyone know much about this printer? Does it make nice looking print jobs? How about TCO (Total Cost of Ownership?) Are ‘compatible’ inks available and easy to use? Are ‘official’ inks expensive.

Thanks in advance

I bought this printer about 2 weeks ago , the photo prints are great ,and it does not seem to use as much ink as my last printer (Epson R340) compatible carts are available but you have to swap the chip from the empty original canon cart to the compatible cart , the original canon carts are expensive but they are easily refilled

There is also a chip resetter available for about €30 if you do go down the refilling road , so overall so far it seems to be a great printer and the price on komplett seems good ,

iP4500 has no equal in its price point.

The refill method shown is the German Durchstich refill method.
I use the more conventional method of filling through a port in the top of the reservoir (the side without the sponge).
The ink shown is the ink that I use…Hobbicolors Ultra Wide (gamut). It is a time proven, high performance ink. It is specific to the Canon system.
Cost is about 10% of genuine Canon.

I have a Canon IP 5000 and can not tell you how good this printer is. I am fortunate that the carts are not chipped.
If you go to the SVP site you will see OEM jet tec carts for £1:87 or there about, or Canon’s own for about £9.
I use the Jet tec carts and can recommend them. I used to refill but at this price for these carts I don’t think it is worth the hassle.
You will not be disappointed with the printer or it’s output.

iP4500 will use chipped carts.
Quality refills (CLI-8) are about 50%-60% of the cost of genuine in the US.
Note that not all refills are “quality” and not all have their chips properly reset.