Canon PIXMA iP4300 problem



My PIXMA iP 4300 refuses to print on disc although I have enabled disc printing. When I open printer properties or preferences, I can see option to print on disc (Type F disc tray). I can even get as far as instruction to open inner door and insert disc tray. But whenever I do that, printer will flash the orange light 6x, which according to Canon’s manual means the inner door is opened.
Of course it’s opened!

Is there any thing I need to do on the printer beside changing the location from US to EUR?

Please help!!!



Sounds like you haven’t completed all the correct steps in the firmware.

Read all the steps HERE


CDan, thanks for the pointer.

AFAIK, I have completed all the steps. The print out shows EUR. On the very top left, the header says: iP4300 v1.05 D=001.8

The last line (in pink?) says CDR SENSOR=OK.

I even did EPROM reset. :frowning:

Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.


I think you are putting the tray in too early…you have to click, print, then wait…eventually you´ll get a little window which says specifically “insert tray”


Do you see this…?


Are you using a REAL Canon tray?


No, I am using disc Dabber tray type F (


That’s what I did. I did not even open inner tray until instructed to do so. After opening the inner door and inserting the tray, I clicked OK. Few seconds later, the orange alarm light will flash 6x and repeating itself. At the same time, on the monitor this message will appear:
"CD-R Printing cannot be executed because the inner cover IS CLOSED.

  1. Open inner cover
  2. Insert CD-R tray with a printable disc into the inner cover
  3. Press the printer’s RESUME button. Printer will restart."

When I press RESUME button, nothing will happen.


Sounds like a tray problem to me. You can get the real ones on Ebay.


Thanks CDan. What’s the different between real ones and disc dabber?