Canon PIXMA iP4200

Can someone help me sort out how to print CD labels and inserts. My printer is about 4 years old and I have never used the CD-Rs/DVD-Rs printing facility but now I have copied our family tree onto CD and would like to make them more attractive. I have the instructions but they are not helping me! In the manual it appears that you actually print onto the CD. In the instructions that come up on my computer it seems you can choose paper.
Is there are patient person out there that can talk me through how to do this, please? If it prints labels what do I buy for the PIXMA iP4200? If it prints on to the actual CD does it cover what is written on the CD by the manufacturer?
I imagine people will be having a laugh at this post! But I really don’t understand,:sad:

If you are in the USA, then you don’t have a CD tray. Do you?

I am in Spain and I do have a CD tray!

OK, you need to install the Canon CDLabelPrint software from the install CD. Once installed, read the help files in the program, they are pretty detailed.

You need discs that are “inkjet printable”. What’s available in Spain is beyond my expertise.

Hi Dan,
Thank you for your advice. I think I have it installed and as you say need to buy printable CDs. I didn’t know these were available! I shall ring Canon in Marbella and see if they can help with where they can be bought. But I have my doubts about finding them here.
I presume I can print paper labels as well but which do I buy? And I assume they are printed as one prints normal text and pictures… Am I correct?
Thanks feel a little happier now :slight_smile:

Printable CDs should not be difficult to find. Any computer store with CDs and DVDs will probably have them. Or try ebay or Amazon…you´ll have them within a few days. The print surface is usually matt white.

Printing on paper labels is not usually recommended. Despite what they say, there is a risk that over a period of time, the chemicals in the glue will get through the top layer of the disc and start to damage the information layer…data will therefore be lost.

Detailed instructions are here
and here´s a short video which you may find helpful

Good luck

Thank you for that info. I have rung canon in Marbella - very unhelpful! But I have also rung a big department store here and they have one packet which I will collect tomorrow. So fingers crossed I will be lucky.
Thank you also for the video links which I shall now look at. What did we do before the Internet?
Happy Christmas all,

Success!!! I have now printed some of my CDs successfully and am very grateful for your help. The printable CDs are readily available here - Spain is often a bit behind everyone else. This time though it was me! I had never heard of them. And the canon link was very helpful,
Thanks again