Canon MP830 CD Printing

Hello everyone,
I have a Canon MP830, and I bought the CD Tray for my printer. I have follow the setups to enable direct printiing to a CD. I followed the instructions and confirmed the settings. EWvrything is correct, however when I do to print directly to the CD it is telling me that the inner cover is open. I need this open so that I can print to the disc. If I cloes the cver and continue the print job, it prints exactly where it should if it were a disc. I have no idea where to staert to figure this one out. I have checked all the settings and registry settings. The CD trya that I have purchsed is from canon and not an after market one. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how to fix it. It seesm that it is not recogizing the CD, however when I go through the ROM of the printer, the CD tray sensor is OK. Any idea’s are greatly appreiciate. Thank you fro your time, and insight.

What program are you using to print to disc?

Be sure you have selected the disc tray as the “page size” in the page setup tab of your print properties.

Here is an excellent resource for enabling disc printing.

I’m not haveing exactly the same problem…but close. I bought a “D” Tray on ebay for my MP830 and followed the instructions to convert the settings to Euro. Not quite as easy as they said but I managed. Now the printer pulls in the tray, waits a second, pushes it back out again and gives me the error message “there is no CD tray. Attach the tray and press OK”.

How did you go through the ROM of your printer to see if the CD tray sensor was OK?

Your help would be greatly appreciated because I am ready to throw out the tray and buy a new printer.

I suspect the problem is the same one I had with my MP600R: printer set for US mode which will not print to the CD-R tray. See this post for the fix:

:eek: U needed to purchase an cdtray seperately!!!??? That coud be the problem in the first place!!! That wos all included in my canon mp500 purchase!!?? Also, “IF” u bhought ur printer new, shouldnt u have got the software aswell included in the package to print on both paper and cd!!?? The software to print on cd’s/dvd’s/maybe blu-ray/HD-DVD in the future heh i got whit my purchase of my canon is just plain and simple Cd-Label print. Now, as cheap the title may sound of the program its very usefull though. I print Full cds up to the inner circle whit that program no problemo :iagree:

I hope i wos of any help,

urs kabster,

For all those people out there (Kabukijo for one), that don’t know, Canon is not allowing all MP830 owners to use the “Print to CD Label” option(let alone be supplied with a tray). North American owners, for example, don’t even get the option on their display screen.When you’re in the “Copy” setting, the double disc icon is non-existant, until you reconfigure the settings of the motherboard to European settings as is achieved through steps laid out on various blogs set up by people who r going thru the same problem. Personally I’m at my wit’s end!
I’ve done everything ,euro drivers, re-configured national settings,etc,etc,etc.
Anybody have any ideas? Kabukijo, you seemed to know a lot. Any ideas?

U really should more about the subject matter before u put so many ??? & !!! marks in your reply

Nalmellor, thanks for the tip, but it’s still not working.

Take another look at CDan’s instructions…
When you are in Service Mode make absolutely sure that the confirmation print-out reads as it should and is in the correct color.

Also the printer drivers typically have to be reinstalled after “enabling” .

I’m pretty sure the program I’m using is not the issue, as I should be able to do this independent of the computer (at any rate I am using the CD-Labeler program from Canon’s web site.
What’s the correct color? I did a print-out & it tells me I’m in “Euro” settings & M=1.13,whatever that means. It then says OK to everything else (like 5X’s). At the bottom of the page it says "CDR Sensor=OK. I’m just a newbie at this, but that almost sounds like it’s telling me the sensor I’ve been wondering about is actually workin’.

Uninstall / reinstall printer driver after enabling ?
Try keeping tray door closed until prompted.
Make sure the tray reflectors are clean.

I believe that number is your printer’s firmware revision.
Although rare, I have heard of some firmware not playing well with CD printing.

I wonder if the tray itself is the problem. There have been reports of bad trays being sold.

Yep, if it’s not a genuine Canon part, all bets are off :frowning:

IT WORKED! This time I waited ‘till being prompted to opening the tray door! It seems a trivial thing but if that’s what it takes,so be it! Thanks jflan & CDan, I was ready to give up. Canon Canada has told their regional repair depot that the MP830 did not have the ability. I knew they were lyin’ which is why I wouldn’t give up. I HATE CORPORATE BULLSHIT & THEIR NEVER ENDING SEARCH FOR MORE OF OUR MONEY
Thanx Again!

i coud have helped u out yeah :iagree: … But from the looks of ur postings u sound realy ungratefull towards me!!! see below why.

thats all i got to add.

kabukijo out

@[B]Gregtjay[/B] and [B]kabukijo[/B]: Could you both stop the negative comments, please? Such comments aren’t helping anybody in this thread. :wink:

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My mistake. I would’ve thought the information we,ve conveyed would be of EXTREME interest to all owners of North American bought “Pixma” series Canon printers,as Canon has disabled this option on all of them, due to the fact that at the time of manufacture of these products “Canon N.A.”,didn’t have the license to sell it. At this date and time though, they do. yet they still tell Pixma owners the option does not exist.
Despite this, it’s my negative comments at issue here? I have no problem with the product,just the moralistic side of the issue. What was yours?