Canon mp830 cd label printing problem

hello all,
since yesterday i bought a mp830, sofar im quite happy with it except for one thing,
printing cd labels on my printable discs isnt how it shud be.

with the software that came with the printer i tried and i couldnt adjust the picture enough to fill the whole disc,
so ive tried about a million other prgrams hoping they would do it.

it didnt and even made things worse, now it gets printed on not even 1/4 of the discs space..... ive messed about with it for like 30 hours or so resulting in screwing up like 30 dvdrs :S

please help me out,

regards dito

Hope this helps:

Canon´s CD LabelPrint software works great…there must be another problem, possibly related to the original size of the image you are importing.
You can correct this in settings or even by clicking onto the image in the viewer…and dragging the edges out to whatever you want.

If you’re using an image for the label that’s already round and properly cropped on all 4 sides, then you should use the image as a background. That’s the “select background” button, as opposed to the “insert image” button.