Canon MP500 or Epson RX620?

I’m looking for comments (hopefully some from actual owners), on which of these two printers they would pick (from the multifunction group). I’m kind of swaying towards the Canon MP500, as it can be hacked to be a CD/DVD printer as well. But it isn’t a big issue, as I already have an EPSON R300 which is a good photo printer, and prints cds/dvds. Canon is less expensive per print, but Epson is a better scanner.

If it matters to you, Consumer Reports ran a big test on multi-functions this month (May issue), and Canon had 3 models in the top 5 for over-all value. They did not test the MP500, just the MP450. But the MP500 is easily your best choice IMHO. There’s just no substitute for individual ink tanks.

Here’s the ratings in order:

Canon MP800
Canon MP950
Epson RX700
HP 3210
Canon MP450

I think the MP500 is very similar to the MP800

have a look at the canon pixma mp500 manual, for epson printer manuals click here. you find more about canon printers or did you consider a brother printer yet.