Canon iP8500 cd-printing with nero

Just got my adapter and tried to print with Nero. It printed black text ok but when I tried to do a test by printing a picture over the whole cd, I noticed its either not centered or it bleeds over the edge.
Btw, I bought the Tray “B”.
I setup the preferences in the printer driver(winXP btw) as Printable Disk(recomended), Disk Tray, CD-R Tray B. I figure if you own this printer, you’ll know what blanks I’m describing.
In Nero 8, I use the cd print. I select “custom” and “Empty document”, then on the cd screen, I selected a cd type(Canon i865,i905D, and Pixma iP3000) and then printed on a cd for each. The 865 and 905 printed way off on the lable. I think it started too far down on the cd. And the iP3000 printed right on spot, but it bleed off the white part of outer edge around the cd, and it wanted to print in the clear middle hub part where there was no printable area.

Any ideas what to do?

Download and use the Canon CD-LabelPrint software. Nero sucks for this.

OK I was hoping to use Nero as I was used to using that, but I dload the canon print software. It worked. BUT is ther a way to do curved text but make sure its aligned to the center of the cd? You can adjust the amount of curve which doen’t make it a nice circle.