Canon iP5300 Problem when printing black


I just bought a new Canon iP Pixma 5300 and after installing it and trying to do some test prints I noticed that there is a problem when i’m printing something black.

The black color will come out “shaded” or almost grey, I had this problem with my iP3000 (not all the time but after using it for over a year) before and that’s the reason why I bought a new printer, but now i’m having the same problem with my new one.

Now that I look at the test prints I notice that all colors actually come out a little “faded” and “weak” but the worst is def. the black.

Please help me out, thanks in advance.

Best Regards

After doing some more tests I can confirm that it works just fine to print all colors when i’m printing directly onto a DVD, but the problem occurs when i’m printing the DVD covers.

Could there be a photo setting that I need to enable or something since the small prints onto DVD’s works fine but not the DVD Case Inserts?

I have an iP5000 but I guess a lot of things are about the same

Lots of things to check…
Are you using Canon inks?..ALWAYS start with manufacturer inks!
What are your print quality settings?..High…max…how do you know?
Have you compared with the enhanced photo settings on or off?
What is the quality of the original image date…dpi?
What kind of paper are you printing on…have you tried any others?

It could take a bit of work to optimize the printer, but you can be sure, for photo quality the Canon is up there with the best…some say it is the best…

Thanks for the answer, I feel really stupid right now but all I had to do to fix this “problem” was to choose “High Glossy Paper” in the printer settings, since i’m using “High Gloss Neato DVD Case Inserts”.

Have you used these papers btw? I’m having some problems with their Photoshop template it won’t print properly…

I usually make my CD inserts with a high quality “normal” 100g paper.
Paper setting “Normal”.
Print quality "High"
Since mine are usually simple back-ups I don´t usually need anything too fancy…although sometimes I´m doing a custom compilation in which case I may go to some more trouble to get a nicer or more special result…or it´s for a photo or video project of my own.
Doing lots of experiments costs time and money…find a set up which works well and stay with it. If you are really specializing then maybe it´s worth more investment…

PS…welcome to the freaks…everything you need is here somewhere. Have fun.