Canon iP4300 + white GQ DVD+R DL = very light printing?

I tweaked the IP4300 to print on DVDs. Got the right tray. Then I go to Fry’s and pick up some very cheap GQ brand (for “Great Quality”) DVD+R DL, with a white surface - a stack of 25 for $20. Now, they don’t say “inkjet printable”, but the guy at the store (I know, I know - but sometimes they are pretty knowledgeable) said they were. They have a white surface. I printed the disks, and they came out very pale. Too light. And they don’t seem to be drying.
I have attached a picture of the disc in question.
What do you think? Are the discs white but not inkjet printable? Or am I missing something? Thanks! PB

Definitely not inkjet printable discs.

Most likely these were made for thermal printing, not inkjet.

Thanks. The ones I tried are still not dry the next day, so…

Oh well. I guess I can sell the rest on eBay. Or use them and write on them with a sharpie.

Chances are good that these DL discs are not worth burning either. GQ is generally some pretty bad generic crap. If you want DL, stick with Verbatim, and plan to spend 3x that much for printable.