Canon iP4300 Printing Quality

Hi, This is my first posting to this website but i hope somewhere can help me out! I have just recently purchased a Canon iP4300 printer which i was informed by a work colleague that the printing quality was superb for photos. I have found however after trying to print at least 3 or 4 pictures that it isnt that good after all. I dont know if it is something i am doing wrong or if i need to change the settings but the colour is not up to scratch and the quality seems to be a litle blurred.

Please help with any settings i could change to see if it works?!

Thanks, M

You need to be a lot more specific about what the issues are. Good photo quality starts with having your monitor correctly calibrated for color and contrast. Next comes quality paper, and then you need to set up a print profile for that paper. Top-quality results are rarely achieved by using default settings.

Are you selecting the correct paper type in your print dialog?

I agree with CDan, the finest results for photo printing for me is with canon paper.
Make sure that you select the correct paper type in preffs before printing. I have an ip5000 and the results are stunning.