Canon IP4300 Help(me) Line

Hi to the knowledgeable ones,

I have purchased a IP4300 in the past few days as I like Canon Printers in general, it is a beautiful machine and goes like a charm. I have a documentation problem at the moment in that I have a PIXMAiP4300 Quick Start Manual (found on a site on the web as wasn’t on installation disc) and it is extremely vague in regards to the Duplex function I am assured works with this machine.
If anyone can direct me to where I can gather more information I would be extremely grateful for your help.

here is the link for the full manual.
I have the ip4000 and have used the duplex function a few times. I wold guess they are similar so maybe I can answer a few questions. Basically it just prints one side of the page, then pulls the page back in, flips it over (using rollers) and prints the other side. You can do multiple pages per side if you want it like a book. Make sure you pay attention to the side stapling or top stapling option as it can change the orientation of the print.

Your full duplex setting is in the print dialog. On the Page Setup tab. In the print preferences, maintenance tab, custom settings, you also have a setting for the wait time before the back page is printed. (ink drying time). No need to change that from default unless you are having problems.