Canon iP4300 CD/DVD Print Quality?



Hello everyone.
Im looking at this printer for some time now,im quite eager to buy it though i want some decent proof of the CD/DVD printing quality.I spent a lot of time in Google for such pictures only to realise that there is none!Anyone that has this printer can show me some samples?I need some full-face printed CDs/DVDs,not just a logo.Thanks a lot,you guys do a great job.


“quality” in printing has more to do with the user’s skill in setting up the printer properly, than it does with the printer itself. The Canon will do some of the best photo and disc printing you will find, given good media and a little tweaking. But even right out of the box it’s a great printer.


CDan do you mean to install properly components by manual or some other ‘extra’ modifications as well?As it appears im quite new in media printing.Thanks for the feedback.


What I mean is that you need to use proper print settings to get top-quality results.


That was a lot of help though still i would like to see some scanned images(if any).Didn’t find any samples on this forum and im really curious about the outcome (samples from other printers like Epson,HP would be appreciated too).Thanks in advance


It’s nearly impossible to scan a disc and get realistic results. Suffice it to say that with good printable media and proper print settings, there’s no visible difference between a printed disc and a photo printed on high quality paper.
The newer glossy printably discs are even better. The range of printable surfaces, from flat white to silver to gloss will produce a wide range of effects on the discs, none of which are viewable from a scan.

So the short answer is that disc printing should produce similar quality to photo printing. User reviews of the IP4300 are almost universally positive, and quality compares to much more expensive printers. The only problem reports I can recall are users who have bollixed up the print settings.


Does the Canon iP4300 actually print on media? I am under the impression that none of the Canon printer actually print on dvd/cd.

Do you have a third party tray?


The USA models must be hacked for disc printing. It’s not too big of a deal to do it. Original Canon disc trays can be bought on Ebay.


Hello again!Finally i bought this awesome machine.Im quite impressed from its abilities though i have one problem:I printed on a plain paper(A4) with small fonts and they were perfect.But when i tried that on a media(specifically on a DL DVD named Bulk-something)the small fonts appear faded.If anyone has the solution please let me know.Thx again


specifically on a DL DVD named Bulk-something

Ouch, stop using that stuff!! :Z If you must burn DL, use only Verbatim. Not only does the other stuff not print well, it’ll be a coaster in a few weeks.

So I’m saying that the printing issue is due to crap discs.


Well i found a dealer nearby he sells these bulk ones and Mirror DL-DVD printables.No Verbatins unfortunatelly.Any chance that the Mirrors would be good?Also the printer came up with 5 Maxell printable CDs.They are kinda good quality(says photo quality print) though small fonts again appear faded…Maybe im using wron settings or something…


Both the Bulqpac and Mirror brands are notoriously bad media and should be avoided, simply because they will probably fail. Sounds like the printing surface is not much better. You can try using different print settings, but frankly why bother if the disc will fail anyway?

They are probably Ritek made discs, but could be anything and could also change frequently. Really, if you can’t get Verbatim DL discs, don’t burn DL discs. The alternatives are pretty bad.

What these 3rd-tier media sellers like Bulqpac and Mirror do is buy the cheapest discs they can find, often factory rejects and often faked media. The printing surface could be added by anyone, or it could be from the factory, you never know. The only thing you can be certain of is that they will fail at some point.

Consult the media forum and bargains forum for online sellers of good media in your country. Verbatim makes a range of printable discs that should be available most anywhere and are probably the safest bet.


Dunno what the fuss is about. My iP5000 prints on printables quite nicely. Read the instructions and fiddle around. There´s nothing magical, and nice results are normally pretty easy to get.

Here´s a simple example shot with my phone-camera, under bad lighting and without tweaking…


Didn’t I remove that exact same picture from one of your earlier posts, you naughty boy?! :wink:


Oops…yessir…sorry sir.

Point: print quality is fine. Start printing!


Just FYI, I bought this printer in Canada and it had the disc printing feature. I read that Epson had these rights exclusively in North America, but either that has changed or does not apply in Canada. There is an HP at the Future Shop here that also has disc printing capability.


Just a general reply on the IP3000-4000-4200-4300 family

They all print cd & dvds great! You also don’t have to use the expensive vertatim & maxels. I use a wide variety but have settled on the BeAll Developers brand, about us $30 per 100 print to ctr.

A note on quality. While printing to disc, I always go to printer properties/Main page, & then drop to Color adjustment/manual/Set

Next drop down to the middle of the window and at “Intensity”, drag the slider to the right for about 20%. This greatly enriches the printing, but you will have to experiment with the setting for your use.


You can have top of the line TY for $33 US per 100