Canon ip 4600 how to make work with other dvd printing sofware

here is the problem : i want an to use my prefered program for dvd labeling and printing Sure thing labeller, but this priner is not recognized in cd-dvd printer section. i have another installed printer, and this one is recognized(is hp c 5200 series)

Pls help me. i tryed to uninstal hp, but this doesn’t solve the problem an canon stil don’t work, i try to reinstall sure thing, i try to use a template with standard template an set cd tray in page setup of printer, but nothing seem to works. with software that came with printing is working without problem
Any idea is apreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.

the software prolly needs an update to use that printer. Consult SureThing support.

Verify that you have the latest iP4600 driver and the latest ver of SureThing.
Here is some conversation from their forum :>&timefilter=0&language=single&top=50&criteria=AND&minRank=10

Sory for the delay. i was out of city for two days. I will try the sugestion above to see if it works. Many thanks for your quik reply and help.

[B][B]EBAY Seller[/B][/B]

On ebay they sale this [B]Tray G[/B] and claim : It will allow your printer CANON IP4600 version USA print CDs and DVDs. Appatently the CD and DVD print option is disabled via Driver software in the USA printers.
The instructions in the EBAY sale site are pretty straight forward. The vendor askyou to follow this two steps firts to make sure your printer will work and be recognized as an euro printer then you get the tray.
I haven’t try this yet but is the closets things that i found to a solution.

[B]First STEP [/B]
You have to [B]UN-INSTALL[/B] your USA driver and all the USA software that comes wit your USA printer. Unistall the driver and the software with it’s own un-installers
Second STEP[/B] (after rebooting your computer)

Download and install the european versions of the driver and the software from UK CANON

[B][B][B]Canon ip4000 ip4600 European Model Printer CD Tray G[/B][/B][/B]