Canon i4500 settings for Watershields?

Maybe this is a FAQ but I couldn’t see one for it…

Just got the Canon Pixma 4500 and a box of Watersheilds, and the first print looks a little washed out.

The quality mode was set to standard, with no other settings changed.

I changed the printer option to “Vivid Color” and that seemed to help a lot.

Any other recommended setting changes that might be worth looking at?

I’m hesitant to experiment all day at 70 cents a pop :slight_smile:


A lot depends on your system and monitor setup. You have to start with a correctly calibrated monitor, and images that carry a good color palate. That said, simply setting the quality to high should do a lot. If you set your color adjustment to “manual”, then hit the “set” button, you’ll have several sliders for color adjustment and density that will do most anything you need to do.

The default settings like “vivid photo” rarely produce accurate results, though it’s not all that critical for discs to worry about accuracy. But for the most part, just proceed as though you are printing to high-quality photo paper.

How do you calibrate your monitor?