Canon CLI-8 printers phasing out

Vendors are clearing out Canon printers that use the CLI-8 / PGI-5BK cartridges to make way for new generation machines / carts.
Sadly the new gen machines feature smaller capacity carts, fewer printhead nozzles and slower speeds according to early reports.
A resetter is available for CLI-8 / PGI-5BK carts, but it is unknown if the new cart can be reset with the current resetter. I would bet that it cannot and a new resetter will have to be developed. The current REdSETTER took two years.

Here are the best deals (US) that I know of on the remaining preferred machines:





Note that if you have a Fry’s store nearby, you can elect to make a store pickup, saving shipping costs.

The pigment black has fewer nozzles, but they are claiming almost 2x the number of color nozzles. So some speeds will be faster, some slower. Most likely, photo paper and sics will be a bit quicker. They’re also reporting variable droplet sizes, which is different.