Canon cd printing problem

Hi, i owned a canon ip4300 and winxp sp2. This is my first time to use the cd printing and label feature of canon. I used a printable mini-cd (from cd-r king philippines), and used the cd-labelprint software.

The quality of the image are bad even though i set it to high, and inks are bloated.

what should i do?

should i buy a separate cd label paper? does canon sell a cd label paper?


joe from philippines

Make sure that you tell the printer to print in “Best Quality”.

If you have been doing that, I would suspect the media or the ink.
iP4300 should give stunning results.
What brand media are you using?
What ink are you using?

AFAIC, stick-on labels are obsolete.

yes it is set to high/best quality

i am using an original canon ink, maybe the media? (it’s generic i guess).


Sounds like a media problem. DO NOT use paper labels.