Canon CD-LabelPrint problem


Our office has recently purchased the Canon i4500 and we are in the process of transferring all our journals onto CD. I can print the required design directly onto CDs with no problem, but it’s making and printing the CD jewel case inserts that I have a problem with. I am using the Canon software CD-LabePrint, version 1.3.0.

After creating the CD design (but not necessarily printing it), I click the Select Paper icon in order to switch to the insert design. This gives me four options of paper size, option D being the one I have been using. On opening, this reproduces the CD design as the front part of the insert and there is a second section for CD contents, etc. After inserting the contents or other text, I save the file. I can then print this insert onto suitable card, etc.

This is where the problems begin. If the program is closed at this point, all the text is still there when the file is reopened later. But if you switch back to the CD design and then back to the insert design, the text has all disappeared. This is most annoying if a full content list has been typed in. The cover design is still there because that is simply repeating the design of the CD - it just seems to want you to enter the text each time that option is opened.

Is it me? Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there something quite inefficient about this software? I tried to use Nero but that doesn’t give the same option for printing a double-sided jewel case insert.

If you’re not using LablePrint v 1.30, try updating to that.

Edit: That should be v 1.30b

CDan, thanks, I will try that and report back. I had already downloaded the update, wondering if that was the issue, but hadn’t installed it yet.