Canon CD-LabelPrint manual?

I downloaded cd-LabelPrint & when I click on manual in the program files, it opens up in MS front page and I can’t get past the introduction. I can click on help in LabelPrint and get some basic info but it just says what the some of the functions are & no how to’s & it’s kinda vague. Is this all there is or am I missing something?
A dummy like me needs more help for this program.

I have the manual in PDF if that helps ?

can you not right click it and select OPEN WITH and choose IE, see if that could help. mines comes up as a normal help file

Thanks: I think my problem is somehow related to MS front page. Something about being the default editor etc. I’ve reinstalled LabelPrint several times and get the same results. It may take a while but I’ll eventually get it straightened out.