Canon CD-Label Print - Resize Text?

I am using a Canon iP4300. The software is CD-Label Print v1.2.1

I used to be able to resize text by simply dragging the corner of a text box out, and the text would automaticaly resize to the size of the box.

Now When i enter a Text box, it appears normal, although i do not remember the red dot being in the centre:

Fig1 -

Now, when i click my mouse on the corner square to drag it out & expand the box, it does work, but differently to before(have not released the mouse button in this picture yet):

Fig2 -

As you can see in fig2, i can drag the box out however there is now another solid box inside it surrounding the text. This never used to be the case.

So when i release the mouse button, this happens:

Until now, whenever i dragged the box out, the text simply changed size to fit the box, now it will not resize.

I can not find the setting, and i uninstalled the program, along with everything that came on the disc & reinstalled it, & the problem still there, as was my Font size etc, so it obvioulsy kept a record of the settings somewhere after i removed it.

Any Solutions?

Latest version of CdLAbelPrint is 1.3.0, I think. Suggest you update.

Font size is located on the “transform” tab in the text properties.

Did you even read my post?