Canon A90 IS camera

I lost the Solution software CD for this camera. I need it to download photographs on my computer. How can I get it?

Remove the card and use a card reader? Go to Canon’s website and download the program?
This might be the link:

USB Card readers are only about $14 at walmart or even cheaper on Newegg or Meritline. I had to get one because my camera software kept messing up and the card reader works a lot better than the camera software

You don´t need a card reader. Your camera came with a USB cable. Plug the little end into your camera and the big end into your PC USB port.
A wizard should start up asking about software - turn it off.
Click My Computer and you should be able to see your camera on the list (don´t forget to power-on your camera).
Click this and look for the folder that contains your pics.
Open it.
Select the pics you want and drag them across to a folder on your PC.