Cannt get any dvds to copy

i just got anydvd trail today and wanted to see how it is well i got 2 dvds to copy fine but i cannt get anything else to copy like i have some jetskiing and snowmobiling vvideos that burn but no movies like final destination 3 or saw2 it just says they are css protected anyone know what the pronlem might be?

Try DVD Shrink thats free that should work.

It sounds to me like you are trying to process these dvds with CloneDVD2 without actually having AnyDVD operating in the background. Make sure you have AnyDVD installed correctly and active (ie. a red colored “fox” icon in the lower right task bar). Then try running CloneDVD2 to accomplish your backup.

i dont have clonedvd2 all i have for a burning program is some sonic thing that came on my computer and i checked the ANYDVD icons on tetask bar and ready to work but when a dvds in the drive it says Media is CSS protected! :confused:

Yep use DVD shrink and Imgburn to burn the ISO file. I use both of them and never had a problem. Link to Imgburn

The problem is that DVDShrink will not properly handle many of the newer dvd releases due to purposely inserted flaws in the source dvd, ie. unreadable sectors. This intentional release of flawed products is Sony’s and Macrovision’s approach to trying to prevent making backups of purchased dvd’s.

I use dvd shrink almost eceryday unless I read there is a problem with a specific movie.

I think he meant that he uses DVD Shrink when AnyDVD is running in the background. As AnyDVD removes all forms of DVD copy protection, you should have no problem using DVD Shrink with the newest movies.

did you try going into the anydvd settings and put anydvd into safe mode?

not enough info
read sticky please
otherwise we have to ask 64,000 ???'s

are you saying that ANYDVD says that the media is CSS protected? if so that’s normal…anydvd is telling you that it’s recognizing the protection and subsequently bypassing it.

if you’re getting an error message from sonic please give us that exact error message.

it might also be a goo didea to try the clonedvdtrial from and see if that is any easier/works any better for you.