Cannott read disks burned with GSA-4167B


I’ve tried to search for all GSA-4167B but nothing seems similar to what I’m seeing. I’m experiencing a problem with the GSA-4167B that I never had with a Pioneer DVR-105, Optorite DD1205, and NEC ND-2510A using Nero and This is happening with DL11 and DL12 versions of the firmware. Drive came with DL11.

A project would burn and verify correctly, but I run into trouble when I take the Taiyo Yuden TYG01 DVD-R and try to mount/verify on another DVD-ROM or burner. My Pioneer DVD-116 (1.22) mounts it but Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.10 shows the first block as bad and then stops scanning. The NEC ND-2510A (2.F9) won’t mount the disk. A notebook running XP SP2 has a LG/HLDS/Goldstar GDR-8081N (0110) that won’t mount the disk. Windows Event Viewer shows bad blocks. I’ve burned more than 200 TYG01s for around 2 years on the 105, DD1205, and 2510A and they all verify on all my other drives.

The drive was replaced by the vendor but this new drive has the same problem. I’ve connected it via

[li]ATAPI as slave (jumper as Slave and CS). Other drives were connected this way without any trouble.
[/li][li]Firewire enclosure (jumper at Master and CS). Current NEC is in this enclosure and works fine.
[/li][li]USB2 via ATAPI-to-USB2 adaptor (jumper as CS).

Note I have never had to delete the ATAPI IDE adaptor in Device Manager. All the drives were plug-and-play.

Anyone have any ideas what’s wrong?

System: Dell 400SC, 2.8GHz P4 Northwood, 1GB RAM, Windows Server 2003.


The 4167B absolutely hates TYG01 and burns it really badly. This is true for DL11 and DL12. It apparently burned fine with DL10, but everything else did not burn that well with DL10. In improving firmware support for other types of media with the coming of DL11 and DL12, LG seems to have sacrificed TYG01 burn quality totally.

If you do a few searches for TYG01 and 4167B in this forum, you’ll see a few posts with scans of TYG01 burned on the 4167B with DL12 and DL11. Those are some of the worst scans I have ever seen for any media.

Two things you can do :

  1. Either switch to using other types of media and use the TYG01 with your other burners
  2. or if you are stuck with 100pcs of the stuff and have no other media to burn, flash back to DL10. I’m not sure DL10 is available for download from LG’s website though.


Thank you for your quick reply. I don’t think DL10 is available on LG’s site. If anyone has a copy, I would appreciate PM’ing me. I will also attempt to look for DL10.


I think that noone have dl10.This fw came with the first 4167b, s u dont need flash dl10 to dl10.And it isnt avaible on lg site


Thanks everyone who responded.

I purchased a 50-pack TY 8X DVD+R (YUDEN00T02) and they verify fine on all 3 of my other drives. LG has a case # open w/ tier3 support regarding my issue. I basically told them TYs are a good brand, I still have around 300 TYG01s in my inventory, and they should not have sacrificed G01 compatibility. Hopefully, they will provide a satisfactory resolution (like a fixed DL13).